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At Aussie Cut we care about giving you solutions that last. This means choosing to work with only the highest quality, most durable materials provided by suppliers we trust.
We’ve carefully evaluated and selected the most reputable Australian and International brands to partner with, so you can rest assured you’re getting the very best in cut-to-size board and custom cabinetry, every time.


Blum are an innovative and user-focused supplier of cabinet hardware, specialising in kitchens and furniture fittings.

All Blum kitchen products are backed by extensive research, monitoring the kitchen use of everyday people to gain insight into the features you need most. As such, we use Blum hardware on all of our cabinets to ensure they are as functional and user-friendly as possible.

Blum soft-close hinges and drawers are a great example of this supplier’s ingenuity and dedication to user convenience. These clever designs ensure that every cupboard, cabinet and drawer always opens and closes silently and effortlessly. They cannot be slammed, which helps to prevent kitchen accidents – especially when children are involved.

Blum hardware is built to last and comes in a range of attractive and practical materials. These include patterned glass, matte-coated steel, anti-fingerprint stainless steel and even imitation leather. Blum’s high product quality, commitment to user experience and continuing innovations make them one of our most preferred suppliers.


Laminex is Australia’s leading supplier of decorative surfaces, consistently providing high quality benchtops, doors, walls panels and more. Laminex benchtops are designed to be the centrepiece of your kitchen at home or work, where people come together to relax and be social.

Laminex doors come in a range of stunning textures, styles and finishes, including CrystalGloss, Natural Timber Veneers and Nuance Finish. Browse the Laminex colours available or head into one of our showrooms to pick up a sample.

As well as looking fantastic, Laminex products are also highly practical. Because of this, we use Laminex in kitchens, laundries and retail fit outs across both residential and commercial settings. With over 400 decors in their palette, Laminex has something for every living space.


Formica are best known for their versatile, high-pressure decorative laminate used in countertops and also for laminated doors and drawers. Available in over 170 patterns, woodgrains and solids, Formica countertops can be cut to form whatever edge profile you desire, from square to rounded to a full bullnose curve.

Formica sheets perfectly replicate the colour and detail of real stone and woodgrain, while being highly durable and malleable. Browse the  Formica colours available or head into one of our showrooms to pick up a sample.

As well as Formica laminate, we favour this supplier for their great range of coloured boards and finishings as well. A Formica kitchen is one of unique variety, offering stunning combinations of warm tones and gorgeous natural finishes with pristine stone laminate countertops.


StyleLite is a range of high quality laminated panel products, in a range of thicknesses and sizes for homeowners, cabinetmakers, builders and architects looking to add the perfect touch to their projects. Browse the StyleLite colours available or head into one of our showrooms to pick up a sample.

Two finishes are available – an ultra-high gloss and a velvet matt finish. Both finishes offer a smooth, flawless surface with an unsurpassed depth of colour, and with over thirty colours to choose from, you can be sure we’ve got what you’re looking for.


Polytec is an Australian manufacturer of decorative surfaces dedicated to providing the finest quality products including: cabinet doors (melamine, thermolaminated, aluminium and Createc); decorative board products; and benchtops & laminates.

Browse the Polytec colours available or head into one of our showrooms to pick up a sample.


Not only do we manufacture made to measure kitchens– we can assemble them too! At Aussie Cut we custom make any type of kitchen for trade, residential and commercial applications.

Our team of experienced cabinet makers can assemble your kitchen as individual units, to make the installation process even quicker and easier! While we do not offer install, we do have a guide you can follow to find a kitchen installer that can assist with your renovation.


We offer our very own delivery service, and can deliver to your door in as little as five working days. With two factories in South East Queensland, we offer a local delivery service to anywhere in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast.

We cater to the cabinet making and building industries, as well as DIY customers, and can arrange delivery for projects of every size. Just as we can manufacture as little or as many made to measure cabinets as you require – no job is too big or too small. You also have the option to arrange your own freight delivery for large scale projects, including freighting and international shipping.

5 Easy Ways To Order Your Custom Made Flat Pack Kitchen Today

We use the fastest CNC machine on the market and are equipped with our expert team of cabinetmakers to ensure the precision and quality of our work, so that you get exactly the result you are looking for, every time.

If you would like to talk to our team about custom made cabinetry, get in touch today using some of the below contact options available to you.


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