Ordering Your DIY Flat Pack Kitchen

The Aussie Cut Process

So you have decided to renovate! When it comes to ordering your DIY Flat Pack Kitchen project, we understand that it can be equal parts exciting and intimidating.

That is why Aussie Cut is here to help you through the process and make your kitchen renovation as straightforward as possible. We have identified the key components to a successful DIY and detailed them here for you to follow. It is as easy as 5 steps to have your Aussie Cut Flat Pack Kitchen underway. Let us show you how!

Download the guide to ordering a flat pack kitchen

Looking to order a flat pack kitchen but don't know where to start?

Step 1. Look and Feel

When creating your custom kitchen, you have flexibility over the brand, colour and finish of the materials you choose.

Brand and Colour

Brands of door/drawer fronts and laminated benchtops include Laminex, Polytec, Formica and StyleLite.

Click on the link of your desired brand to view colours available.


Important to note is that your choice of material will heavily influence the cost of the kitchen quote. The entry level material of choice is melamine / laminate board that is cut and edged.

 This standard option is the most cost-effective material of choice. Thermo-laminated / Vinyl wrap is the mid-range pricing option and 2 Pack Painted is the high-end finish available.


If your material of choice is Laminate / Melamine, you will need to decide what finish would you like your kitchen produced in. The options are; Matte, Semi-Gloss, High Gloss or Textured.

If you have selected 2 pack painted or thermo-laminated vinyl, you will need to decide if you would like flat or profiled panels (e.g. Hamptons style).

Step 2. Benchtops

When working with Aussie Cut, you have the option to select a laminated benchtop for your flat pack kitchen.

The brands you can choose from are; Laminex, Polytec, Formica. If you are looking for a Stone Benchtop, this will need to be sourced directly from a stonemason.

Step 3. Hardware

When it comes to hardware, we use only the highest quality from our dedicated supplier Blum.

You will have an option for your kitchen draws to be standard or soft-close. There is a price difference between these two options and both can be quoted for.

Step 4. Rough Measurements + Diagram

At the quoting stage, it is only necessary to have rough measurements of your space. Detailed measurements will be required at a later stage but a relatively accurate quote can be provided based on length and width measurements accompanied by a rough sketch of cabinetry.

Provide A Minimum Plan

During this stage, we ask that you provide a minimum plan view of your required kitchen layout with rough measurements like the example above.

Elevations can be used to show vertical dimensions and your preferred layout, as shown left.

Basic Dimensions

Don’t let these examples intimidate you. Basic dimensions of overall width, height and depth are enough for us to work with initially to get a quote started.

Otherwise, you can use the graph paper provided on page 4 to sketch an outline of your overall space and rough cabinetry layout.

Step 5. Submit Your Order

Are you ready to order? Our order form includes the opportunity to select your brand, colour, material and finish of the cabinetry. It will also guide you to make decisions about benchtops and hardware so that these can be included in the quote.

The order form also includes graph paper and details of general allowances so that you can get a precise quote. You can download our quoting form HERE and submit it to sales@aussiecut.com.au to be quoted.

5 Easy Ways To Order Your Custom Made Flat Pack Kitchen Today

We use the fastest CNC machine on the market and are equipped with our expert team of cabinetmakers to ensure the precision and quality of our work, so that you get exactly the result you are looking for, every time.

If you would like to talk to our team about custom made cabinetry, get in touch today using some of the below contact options available to you.


Submit a Contact Form or Email Us

Head over to our contact page and submit a form to get in touch with our team. Alternativley, you can email us any sketches you might have to our Brendale (sales@aussiecut.com.au) or Sunshine Coast (sunshinecoastsales@aussiecut.com.au) offices. 

Submit a 'Cabinet Order Form'

You can email through your completed cabinet or board order forms to our Brendale (sales@aussiecut.com.au) or Sunshine Coast (sunshinecoastsales@aussiecut.com.au) offices.

Call our friendly team.

You can call our sales team at any time to discuss your renovation plans further.

Order Online

You can now use our online ordering system – goCabinets – to design your project from start to finish and send your order straight to our factory with just one click. Whether you are looking for your very own flat pack kitchen or to simply order a few stand-alone cabinets, goCabinets gives you complete control to design and order your Aussie Cut renovation. Order online HERE.

Head into a showroom

Visit one of Aussie Cut’s factories in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. Both the Brendale and Warana branch feature showrooms, and display just some of the great products Aussie Cut have to offer. You can view our locations and operating hours on our contact page.

Our Manufacturing Process

Aussie Cut will cut, edge and pre-drill all the elements you require for your kitchen or cabinets, then supply them in flat pack form or assembled, either ex-factory or delivered.

With the very latest CNC technology, Aussie Cut can manufacture your project in as little as five working days, depending on your chosen materials. Aussie Cut’s cabinets are manufactured precisely to measure, meaning every project is unique.

Revolutionary advances in CNC technology reduce wastage, meaning that custom made small batch quantities can be produced as economically as larger projects with set modular sizes, without impacting the cost.

Aussie Cut only employ fully qualified and experienced cabinet makers and tradespeople. They also only use the highest quality materials, including Blum hardware and environmentally-friendly Australian board.

The choices for panels, doors and benchtops are almost endless, our friendly staff will happily discuss your options when it comes to materials, colours and finishes.

Visit one of Aussie Cut’s factories in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. Both the Brendale and Warana branch feature showrooms, and display just some of the great products Aussie Cut have to offer. To discuss any of our products, from kit kitchens to commercial furniture, please contact us.

Get In Touch

To discuss your renovation, you can get in contact directly with one of our Queensland branches. You can also request a quote online through our user-friendly form.